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How To Be A Lady Killer

How to be a lady killer You are about to begin an exciting journey. A journey where doors will unlock to the hearts of the most beautiful women you can imagine. You don't realize it yet but this journey could be the most eye-opening few moments you will ever spend. Hang on to your hat because How To Be A Lady Killer by Ann May is simply dynamite.
It doesn't matter if:
-You are looking for quick sex or a life-partner
-The hottest women - those you really want - always end up "just friends"
-You see jealous predators trying to tempt away your girl
-You are tall or short, fat or thin, rich or poor
-You are bald and toothless, handsome or ugly, confident or shy

...It just doesn't matter because How To Be A Lady Killer will skyrocket the number of women you meet, date, sleep with and hold on to. As you study every word of this explosive course, you will be astonished you got near a woman without it.

One thing is for certain, a growing wave of excitement is sweeping the world of dating and seduction right now. Get in at the start and you will be miles ahead of every guy you know.

28 SureFire Ways To Instant Dating Success!


17 authors of best-selling dating e-books joined their effort and created the ultimate love, dating and romance guide for men:

"28 Surefire Ways to Instant Dating Success", tips and secrets to attracting and meeting women through Internet personals and in real life. The new e-book is tipped to become one of the most popular, controversial and explosive dating and attraction guides ever released!
Each of the "dating gurus" either produced a chapter in the form of 28 tips or delivered a special report how to meet, date and romance women.

Only the best reports were selected for publication; if the information produced by the author was of low quality, it would end up in trash. Now, instead of choosing between hundreds of online dating manuals, single guys can pick on the brains of 17 top dating experts at once and quickly learn how to meet and attract women, no matter how do they score in the departments of looks and money.

This book is overflowing with hundreds of great ideas and techniques from the many authors that took up the challenge - which makes it a totally refreshing and interesting examination on the topic from all angles; a definite MUST read . I highly recommend it!

STOP wasting your time and money, and
get the beautiful wife you always wanted!

How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me - A picture is worth a thousand words, so look at the picture to the right and decide if you would mind to have a wife like this. Unique information from the world-wide recognized expert in Russian dating, Elena Petrova.
If you thought meeting an honest, sincere and beautiful Russian woman was a daunting task, this book unveils the mystery for you and makes it no more complicated than visiting your mom for Christmas. It explains you the rules of dating game in Russia and why it is women that are chasing men there, not the other way around. Step-by-step, from the beginning to the end, it explains you the process of meeting Russian women and what you should do to be successful in your search - and what is more important, what NOT to do (most men seem to make the same mistakes when dating Russian women!). If you even remotely interested in the possibility of meeting a partner from Russia, read this book first.

Comment from a reader: "This may well turn out to be the best purchase I have made... I hope not too many of my competitors find this book!"

The Shocking Truth About Russian Brides - Discover the facts about Russian women that marriage agencies will never tell you. The name of the book reflects its content - it's not a "happily ever after" fairy-tale, so don't expect it! This book is highly uncomfortable; it was designed this way.
This is a wake-up call for all men contemplating marriage to a Russian woman: do you really understand what you are setting yourself up to??

Learn what you can expect from Russian women of different ages and why marriages with Russian women fail - and what you can do to become a success, not statistics. This popular e-book is written by Marina Smiley, a Russian woman married to an American man.

Sex And Love With Russian Women - If you hope to get a manual on how to touch, kiss, etc, this is NOT the right book for you! Get real - there are no special love-making techniques that work for Russian women only. But there are lots of important stuff that will pave your way to the bedroom... this is what this book is about.
Think you don't need it?? Neglect at your own cost - join thousands of men that go to Russia again and again and still cannot find their Soul Mate. Want to know why it happened to them and how to avoid a failure? This book has the answers.
Anti-Scam Guide - Met a Russian woman over the Internet? - Thinking about finding a Russian wife? - Russian woman wrote to you? - Don't move any further until you read The Complete, No-Nonsense ANTI-SCAM GUIDE For Men Seeking A Russian Wife. Too many men were caught up in a scam and lost great deal of money - want to be one of them? Ensure your safety and peace of mind - read once and forget about scammers forever.
If you have the most remote interest in dating or corresponding with a Russian woman over the Internet, this is the book you cannot afford to miss.

Elena Solomon, Author of 12 Simple Rules

12 Simple Rules
for success in love, life and online dating

This book is a FREAK SHOW.

In just a few minutes into reading it you are going to get hit right in your gut and struggle for breathing. Then you will be laughing out loud. Then shaking you head in disbelief. It may even happen you will need a cold shower while reading know what I mean. But you won't have a dull moment - promise!

The author is a woman but I seriously suspect the book is written by a guy who knows exactly what to do and say to chicks to get them into bed... on the first date or even faster. It will shake you to bits and you are NEVER going to be the same person again. It's not just an ebook; it's an experience.

I found the revelations in this book SHOCKING - but I loved it! This girl (or whoever the author is) knows her stuff. There is NO bluff. It is honest and straight to the point - and also extremely effective (you'll see the effect immediately).

The whole book is one big confidence-booster - and it works. Thumbs up, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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Russian Women Rollercoaster: Scams, Dating, Heartbreak, Love, Marriage and Immigration - The most incredible story of Love and Deception in dating Russian women!
Are you tired of chasing a dream and bumping into one scammer after the other?
Do you want to meet a woman who is honest and sincere and will love you for who you are?
Do you want to know what the process of marrying a Russian woman involves?
Then you must read THIS BOOK!

From: Derek Lamont
Date: December 1, 2008!

Dear Future Online Attraction Master,

I want you to be honest with me for a second...

Are you happy? I mean really happy with how much attention you're getting from women? And I'm talking about the women that you honestly, truly, and deeply desire... not the ones you have to "settle for."

Are you that guy that is just glowing with self-confidence?Do women irresistibly flock to you? Do men simply want to be you? It's been proven by studies time and time again that sex and love are the number one factors responsible for a person's complete happiness.

Did you know that only 1% of men succeed in attracting women online? The other 99% fail miserably.

Yet I have dated hundreds of attractive, beautiful women. I've been with gorgeous and stunning actresses, models, college girls, doctors, lawyers, athletes, artists, musicians...

...and everything in between. I'm not the type to brag at all, but it's true. And do you want to know the amazing and incredible thing about it?

I Met Them All Through The Internet.

Information and guide to easily bring your fiance to the US.

The only thing worse that waiting for a Fiance Visa is making a mistake on th paperwork and having to wait even longer...Immigration made easy. Fiance Visa Kit.

Without Embarrassment - Are you a Nice Guy? (One of those that always finish last...) Then get hold of this information and engage in a full-blown action in 4 weeks or less! In plain English, it explains why all this stuff is happening to you, time after time, and how you can stop being "just friends" with pretty girls and start getting laid! Eliminate embarrassment and fear of rejection from your encounters with women - once and forever.
This is about dating western women and things are MUCH easier with Russian girls (anyone who's been to Russia will confirm it - just pick up any manuscript from the section "Most popular" and compare the notes). Now I understand western guys - yuck! Men in Russia don't have all those problems. Lucky bastards. They don't even value what they've got.

As a female, I was amazed by the deep insight into women's mind this book provides. This guy knows what he is talking about; being short and shy, he managed to develop himself into a modern Don Juan!

If you want a western woman - look no further!
If you want a Russian woman - this knowledge will allow you to get a woman of better quality.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book. Absolutely awesome reading.

Guy Gets Girl - I actually expected more from this one, since it was supposed to be "The first and only pickup, dating and seduction guide written for men... by a woman!" "The Single Man's Guide to Great Women" by Tiffany Taylor is not bad (and you probably will enjoy reading how a woman is chuckling on the vanity of her own kind) but she is way too gentle. While she indeed understands 'what women want', she does not understand men and their frustrations. BOTTOM LINE: The promo is better than the book!
But I was pleasantly surprised by a bonus book written by (you guessed it!) a man - for other men: no B.S., just things that really work: "Secrets of a Sex Magnet" by Chris Jackson. Great book, guys - read it!!

He also included nice bonuses (guide to having multiple lovers and undressing a woman for the first-time love encounter), those two things can be a puzzle for many guys - and especially for you who is probably going to date multiple women before deciding on your one and only. So, go to "Guy Gets Girl" and join - then read Chris's book first.

1000 Questions For Couples - "An estimated 83% of divorces would not take place if couples asked each other the right questions". Agreed! Especially in long-distance relationships, when you don't have all the time in the world, this guide can be priceless.
Check out which areas (money, religion, sex etc) are the most important for you and discuss these things before you find yourself married to a wrong person and ruin your life.

It will also give you ideas what to discuss in your letters. Women LOVE talking! They fall in love with the men that make them talk about themselves - NOT with men who tell them how wonderful they are.

With the questions from this book, it will be easy for you to find a topic for your email conversations and make her open up to you.


How To Become An Alpha Male

Dating & seduction success guide for men. These Techniques Work For Online Dating Too!!! How to Attract Girls Even if You're Short. Are you a guy with a high-pitched voice? Of maybe you've got a face only a mother could love?

Whatever it is, if you're worried and upset about your physical flaws that prevent you from attracting women... then this could be the most important book you'll ever read.

500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets - More Passion & Intimacy with Great Sex from Oprah Romance Expert. WANT TO SPICE UP YOUR RELATIONSHIP OR MARRIAGE? Looking for mild and wild ideas that aren't too "out there"? WANT TO DRIVE HER WILD? Discover 500 classy yet fun lovemaking tips & secrets. Have more sex, more often, and enjoy sex more!
Sexual Mastery - You Can Attract, Arouse And Overwhelm Any Woman Through The Power Of Sex... Become a potent sexual magnet - change your life forever! Sexual Mastery" is THE "No B.S." Guide for increasing your sexual attractiveness and confidence. If you would like to be a man that nearly all women just can't resist, this is going to be the most important message you will ever read!

300 Creative Dates - Great book, simply GREAT! If you are afraid that she will not like you when you two meet in person, this is THE BOOK that solves this problem. Take it from a female - no woman will be able to resist a guy who can treat her to a dozen dates like these!
If you think they will just advise you some "dinner and movie" or "dinner and bowling" dates, you are wrong! These dates are scheduled as adventures and surprise (women are suckers for romance, you know it!) - personally, I would struggle to come up with something like this. It is the fulfillment of a woman's most sacred romantic dreams. It's more than just a "date" - it's an unforgettable experience that will tie you two together forever! She will never forget it.

And they are not just "ideas" - Michael Webb (the guy who wrote the book) tried them all... on his wife! Many of those dates are designed specially for long-distance relationships. Start with long-distance ones and continue with real-life ones to keep the fire of romance going in your future marriage.

The Complete Guide to handling WOMEN - Applying these simple, time-tested secrets for attracting, meeting and enjoying women to the fullest will get you flooded with more sexy ladies than you can handle in less than 30 days& It WILL work for you, or your money back! Learn the #1 reason men lose women after a few dates and 5 proven ideas you can use to avoid it; the single most important secret that will enable you to get any woman you want (even if she has a boyfriend!), how to use psychology on sexy women.
SEX Truth, Myths and Lies - How to get magical responses - even standing ovations... every time you make love! Discover the Secrets Behind Great Sex... and turn your bed into more than just a place to sleep! Say Goodbye to "same old boring sex" HAVE THE BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Your partner will be amazed and ecstatic. And you will experience the kind of sexual fulfillment you've probably only dreamed of all your life.

How To Be Irresistible to Women - "You're About to Become a Lady Magnet. You'll be the Envy of All Your Friends&" Learn how to attract the woman you want, meet & approach beautiful women - without coming across as a sleaze! Get lots of dates lined up every week, make women FALL IN LOVE with you, talk to women, and be funny. Extraordinary kissing tips, super flirting advice and much more!


How To Catch Your Cheating Lover - Quickly and easily discover if your lover is cheating on you! Find out for sure:
Who the Other Person is...
How long it's been going on...
Where they're doing it...
When they're doing it...
Will you look back on your relationship and say "I wish I had" or "I'm glad I did?"

Is There A Special Person Whom You Love Like No Other? You can bring affection, warmth, laughter and love back into your life!

Amazing Ebook "Bring Back The Love of Your Life - A Potent 4-Step Strategy!" Will End Your Loneliness and Ensure Happiness.

"The Complete Retrieve A Lover Package" Can Help You Bring More Love, Understanding and Passion Into Your Relationship and Personal Live Today. Discover How You Can Save Your Relationship and Stop Your Break-ups today Without All The Fear And Heartache!

Loving Your Long Distance Relationship

Can Long Distance Relationships Really Work? The answer is a resounding "YES!"

Distance is not the end of the world in a relationship. Distance cannot, and will not hurt a bond between two people that is based on mutual respect, trust, commitment, and love. Although you may feel like you are losing faith in your relationship at times, hold fast and trust your heart!

I, like you, truly believe that love & relationships are what make your life special, and that ones built on love & understanding are always worth preserving, regardless of the miles that may separate two people. YOU ARE NOT ALONE !

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